Total Coats have a core group of 40 customers ranging from those we coat jobs for every day to small companies who may require 20 parts coated once every 3 months.

As Mulcahy Engineering state: My expectation is for the powder coater to supply a consistent product of high quality within the time required. Our client requires a precise colour match and finish which Total Coats supply every time and always on time. Job turn-around time is second to none, we regularly receive our products back well within the turn-around time.

Sam Haughton of IMO, who make furniture and storage systems for the commercial and hospitality sectors concurs: The level of service is excellent, you are one of our best suppliers, if only more could be like you.

Andrea Harradine of Powersurge who make steel art for furniture says: The service is exceptional and they are reliable, trustworthy and they deliver on time.

Mulcahy Engineering's emphasis is on quality: The quality of coating from Total Coats is consistent and has always been faultless, while Sam Haughton comments: The quality is generally excellent and on the occasions it has not been it has always been quickly rectified. Powersurge say: The quality of their work is consistently of a very high standard. We highly recommend Total Coats.